Bed linen and pillowcases

Plain bed linen

Our Plain bed linen is made of high quality cotton with a sateen or linen weave. This bed linen is monochromatic, embellished with the decorative hemstitch [cross stich] at the edges of the fabric. This bed linen is embroidered with initials or a monogram.
The bed linen is with a zip and additionally in a big duvet cover there are openings to pull up the duvet corners [it is not a mistake of the Polish seamstress].
A pillowcase (length: 70 cm, width: 50 cm), throw pillow covers (length: 40 cm, width: 40 cm) and bolster (so-called candy) covers may be combined into the bed linen set.
We recommend this bed linen as a perfect and proven utility product.

Our products are made in Poland in short series.

Bafra new bed linen – innovative solution

In 2016 the Bafra company will be introducing a new industrial design of bed linen on the market, which is characterized by the way of covering the duvet that is easier than the traditional one. It is a new innovative solution to putting on and closing a duvet cover, making these actions easier.

It is an idea referring to the 20th century bed linen but improved with a new solution for closing the cover.

This bed linen will be decorated with the modern graphic design made in our studio. It is computer-processed pictures transferred onto the fabric. Our bed linen is manufactured in short series and different patterns and colours may be combined with each other, creating surprising solutions. Thanks to this, individual collections are created.
Our experimental collections and searches are an alternative to traditional, popular solutions. We create new, up-to-date products, evoking memories.

Change your bed linen!